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If you are planning to not miss out anything incredible, then you should try jetpack with Miami Watersports, this will leave you with an unforgettable and awestruck experience. A Jetpack can simply be defined as an iron man style flying mechanism which allows the user to fly in a seated position. Miami jetpack implements the latest transparent hydraulic technologies which enables everyone to fly. Earlier, balance and dexterity of the user mattered to a larger extent whereas in this case, it is less demanding. Jetpack can propel you into both sky and underwater.

You can either fly like ironman for 30 minutes or an hour. Miami jetpack is an entertaining and safe activity which is suitable for both kids and adults, and if you’re looking for more watersports activities for the entire family Miami Watersports is here to help. So, book your tickets and get ready for the best adventure of your life. You have the opportunity to take flight and fly high with a water propelled jetpack. Within seconds after you getting into a jetpack you will walk through water and then fly across the air with ease. When you jetpack with Miami Watersports, it will be the most adventurous activity you will ever experience in Miami, this will be an adventure you will never forget and we promise you that you will guarantee every bit of the Jetpack session. We also care about your safety and we will provide you with necessary details and training on how you should operate the Miami Jetpack.

In order to ensure your safety, we will provide you with a certified flight instructor and a flight navigator and they will make sure you had an excellent Jetpack experience. If you are a first time flyer, be comfortable you don’t have to worry about anything. Our experts will make sure you are safe and you will Jetpack with ease. So, pack your bags and book your tickets and get ready to float through the air. The water jetpack rental Miami allows you to rent a jetpack and enjoy this adventurous ride through sky or underwater. We will help and make sure you will be able to fly; we also include lessons on the Miami Jetpack with training and safety equipments will be provided.


Starting at $99 for a 15 minute session

  • Guaranteed to fly!
  • Lesson included
  • Safety equipment provided
  • free parking, lockers & shower
  • Photo ID required

$30 Picture Package

  • Over 100 Pictures
  • Keep Your SD Card!
  • 8GB of pictures

Water Jetpack Rental Miami

Jetpack is a very fun, easy and safe activity for kids and adults of all ages. Get a taste of Jetpacking for 30 minutes or experience the whole thrill for an hour!


*None of our bookings are refundable; however we reserve the right to reschedule it upon weather condition

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